Weekly Wrap-up.

Like every other week, it seems, this one was mainly filled with work, with a smattering of exercise and meeting up with friends. Still, while it was a pretty standard seven days, I did get to…2015/01/img_0810.jpg

Try the Honey Creme in Singapore for the first time because the queues have finally disappeared and found it to be severely disappointing.2015/01/img_0791.jpg


…treat my legs to a well-deserved little pampering after weeks of abuse, standing for long periods or clocking in large amount of steps each day.2015/01/img_0817.jpg…try out Gastronomia Da Paolo and find out that it’s one of my new favourite places ever. Everything on that plate turned out a lot more amazing than I expected. Plus, I got to try kale for the first time and I get it – I. Get. It.

This week, I wrote about…

…the first book I got from my work place’s inexplicably impressive¬†library. The book’s a bit of a snooze so far, though.

…my review of one of the better books I’ve read these few months.

…my befuddlement at Whatsapp Web

Dear reader, how was your week?




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