SwiftKey, now even better. For Android.

One of the things that has always baffled me is how Swiftkey, the best third party keyboard across any mobile OS in my opinion, regularly adds languages but has never gotten to Chinese, perhaps the most used language on the planet. It was the one thing that marred my typing experience on Android because I had to switch to another keyboard just to key in the occasional few Chinese words.

Well, that changed two days ago.

Chinese-1phone-D-1-1024x569Swiftkey finally introduced Chinese input officially for their Android keyboards and, looking at the site, it looks really good – very full featured.

The only problem now? I’m not using Android (for the time being). Swiftkey’s iOS outing hasn’t been anywhere as great as its original cousin, both in terms of features and smoothness of operations. I mean, it has more bugs than the local garbage dump.

Still, here’s hoping that they’ll continue to get rid of said bugs, smooth the app out, and bring this functionality at the same time. Switching keyboards in iOS is easier than in Android but it’s annoying all the same (especially with the bugged out delay in switching).


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