Weekly Wrap-up.

Fresh off the heady rush that was Chinese New Year celebrations, this week featured a mad hurricane of a different sort – a seemingly endless montage of lessons, test administrations and, subsequently and consequently, test marking. This last one promises to continue (at an even more frenetic pace) through this coming week.

Due to all that, I haven’t spent much time doing anything other than vegging out during my free time so, for those of you wanting to see my usual over-filtered selection of foods, shopping and friends will, alas, have to be disappointed this week.

As a related aside, I’ve finally decided to kick my reading habit back in gear…sort of.

These few weeks, I’ve spent what free time I’ve had post-work catching up on anime, Youtube, sleeping, prepping my Pokemon ORAS team for an upcoming battle, snoozing out all over the house or, strangely, exercising – nothing so mentally stimulating as, y’know, processing someone else’s words – I have enough of that at school.

The only little leisurely reading I managed to accomplish was chipping away at the ballooning mountain that is my Pocket list, working through bite-sized articles rather than full stories.

While I know reading for fun should be, well, fun and I shouldn’t be forcing myself to do it purely so I can check up my read count for the year or say that I’m doing it, I do love immersing myself in all the different worlds and tales that books offer – it’s just that immersion feels so…exhausting nowadays. So, I’ve come up with the perfect solution.

Instead of looking at it as some sort of special task I have to actively pursue, I’ll work it into my daily routine through the most passive way possible – audiobooks. I’ll be reading without even having to work my eyes, y’all. All I have to do is slap on my headphones, filter the world out and get some commuting entertainment, especially during the long walks to school.

I had subscribed to Audible for a short while but stopped after my promotional package ended and the monthly rate (for one book a month) doubled. Since I’m intending to get more books “read” this way, I’m looking at the two books a month instead. While it is still more expensive than that promotional rate, it isn’t all that bad considering all I’m hoping to get out of it.

Wow, this post turned out wayyyyyyy longer than I intended. I know I know, reading’s not the only hobby I’ve let fall by the wayside recently. This blog has been a barren pot these past few weeks, only occupied (and barely so) by the occasional spittles that are my weekly updates.

While it is harder to jumpstart this particular hobby back since it requires so much more effort, I do aim to restart posting, albeit at a slightly slower pace than I had so ambitiously plotted at the start of the year. I mean, nothing can be slower than what it is now anyway, right?

Dear reader, how was your week? Have you been in any hobby-related slumps recently?


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