Weekly Wrap-up.

The past fortnight has been a flurry of marking, on two nights nearing the midnight mark (which, for a teacher who needs to wake up at 6am, is really quite late). While nothing much else went on the previous week (thus explaining the lack of a Weekly Wrap-up last Sunday), I did manage to get some excitement in this week, especially in the later half when the marking was finally completed.

As a reward for finishing my marking and also, y’know, because I love myself some Kelly Clarkson, I bought her latest album on release night and have spent the last few days endlessly looping the whole thing. While not as immediately captivating as the song list on Breakaway, the songs here are uniformly great after a few listens.

I Had A Dream, in particular, a rousing pop anthem about self-worth and legacy that I would describe as a cross between The Script and Hillsong United, has spent an absurd amount of time fleeting across my ear drums.

A prime example that delayed gratification is sometimes the most…gratifying (and that persistence in checking out a shop I’ve never actually bought anything from will eventually pay off), I found these Uniq Helio cases going for a 40% discounted membership price at Epilife, costing me $18 instead of the $30 I had been seriously considering them at.

Thanks to the huge discount, I was also saved from agonising over which one I wanted, managing to snag both for a combined total only slightly higher than one would have cost me on normal days. They…aren’t that great, though, alas.

I also took some time out for the usual foot spa, smartly scheduling this the day after the completion of my marking, thus signalling the start of my long breather.

Lastly, I also popped by Simply Toys at Bugis and snagged myself several Pop! figures. I’d originally planned on only getting one or two but ended up getting all of these. With the sheer amount of categories this series seems to cover, this feels like the start of an equally slimy slope.

Not pictured: I also spent time catching up with several friends over the tail end of the week, which was pretty awesome even if there wasn’t any photographic evidence to accompany those times.

Also not pictured: I spent the latter half of the week rushing my preparations for a 3v3 Pokemon ORAS battle with Wei using our in-game themes, only to get my entire team swept by his Swellow in literally less than a minute because the type match-ups were unfortunate. Serves me right, too, for deciding to use fun novelties I would normally never consider (looking at you, Shedinja) rather than going with my usual solid favourites (a list which would include, ironically, Swellow).


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