Weekly Wrap-up.

This week was holiday week, although in between all my rest time I still had plenty of school duties to go for and lesson materials to prepare for next term. Still, I found time to…

…laze around at home and keep poor Roger Furderer company – something he is obviously not very used to or enthused about as seen above.

…eat a gross amount of food.


…and get a new camera! Finally got myself the Canon G7X which I had been eyeing for ages. The above two shots are my first two selfies on the camera (with Instagram-ready edits, of course).

I haven’t really had a chance to bring the G7X out yet but so far I’ve been pretty overwhelmed by the sheer amount of controls and options it offers, especially since these are all packed into the same user interface as my Canon Powershot S110 – very strange feeling.

Still, here’s hoping that it’ll prove to be a better balance between my micro 4/3s Sony NEX-F3D and the S110 than the Samsung EX2F, which I tried several months back and which turned out to have neither great photo quality nor be all that portable.

Next week, back to school/work!

Oh, and I have no photographic evidence of this but I finally finished the main league playthrough of Pokemon ORAS and am now going to start on the Delta Episode. Very excited about that, even if I’m approximately four years behind the fandom, it feels like.

Dear reader, how was your week?


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