Weekly Wrap-up.

Boy, I’ve really been slacking on this weekly posting thing, haven’t I?

The week before this, the whole country had been in mourning over the death of Mr Lee Kuan Yew and the entire week, be it at home or work, pretty much revolved around him. Having already said my farewell, I didn’t have much to wrap up. In addition, it had also been a pretty tough week at work so I was quite drained come Sunday.

This week has been much cheerier. I only had three days of actual school as Thursday was sports day (i.e. the morning my skin turned three tones darker) and Friday was, well, Good. I spent the past few days spending time with family, meeting up with friends, gaming (and pigging) out, and even managed a little marking.

Earlier today, I even got to test out my new Canon G7X while trying out a new hipster brunch location.


As you can tell, the photos have had filters excessively slathered on and I did do some editing on my phone so they aren’t totally raw (and might even have been down-resed by my app outputs) but I’m quite happy with the quality! Of decent quality, too, was the food, a review of which will (hopefully) come in a future post.

Dear reader, how was your week?


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