Weekly Wrap-up.

This week has been exciting all around.

My work week started off with an inter-CCA captain’s ball competition and ended with me judging the finals of a talent competition in front of what felt like the whole school (earlier in the week, I had judged the semi-finals in front of what was the whole school). There was, of course, plenty of actual work in between – lesson planning, marking, meetings/discussions and, well, lessons.

Not content with having had a blast of a time in school, I bulldozed through the weekend too. First up on Saturday was a meet-up with XW at JEM, a trip which included going embarrassing impulsive at Uniqlo sales and a strange amount of pen shopping.

Strangely, I got more excited about the pens which cost me about $8 in total than my $90 worth of new work shirts and a tapered pair of jeans (which, it has to be said, is a pretty fantastic bargain). To be fair, I did get to use those pens immediately for an inexplicably intensive yet productive marking session at Starbucks when he left.

Now that the Stationery High has subsided, though, I’m all about those pants. I mean, for the first time, I found a pair that I only have to alter for length and not fit because they taper so beautifully. Plus, Uniqlo provided free length alteration (with the collection time just slightly over an hour later) so that saved me a trip to the tailor’s so woo Japanese clothing conglomerates!

Topped off the Saturday madness with dinner with Yu Fen at 4 Fingers, where I managed to not only cover two cravings at once (fried chicken! Fried calamari!) but also managed to cover two weeks’ worth of calories at the same time. Yay for productive eating.

Continuing the theme of pigging out way above and beyond what my sedentary lifestyle can handle, I had a late Japanese lunch with mum on Sunday, pushing my streak of seeing how many different things my stomach can handle on such short notice.

While this gorging was going on, Roger Furderer “enjoyed” his monthly grooming session/spa. Dude is more pampered than me.

Of course, that did not stop him from plotting my death the moment we got home. I mean, how dare I have the temerity to insist he be clean?!

Dear reader, how was your week?


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