Weekly Wrap-up.

This has been a fun week in many ways. Having finished the rollercoaster that was mid year exam marking, I spent the week giving back exam scripts, finishing up a whole load of admin duties, and sold ice cream with my CCA for charity. This week, I also…

 …got trapped at a busstop during a jog for the first time. I’ve encountered downpours during jogs before but I always made it to shelter before I got too wet and they always ended quickly. This time round, I was totally drenched and it went on for so long I had to call my mum for a rescue.

…spent Friday afternoon at East Coast Park with my CCA, a reward for having worked hard peddling ice cream the whole week. We spent the afternoon walking around, biking and, true to our healthy lifestyles, scarfing down Burger King coke floats and Starbucks.

…got the Surface 3! I’ve actually been thinking of getting a Surface since the first generation but they’ve never been really good until this one.  With it, I now have a decently portable full Windows device on-the-go. It’s taking a while to get used to using Windows 8 on a tablet, though.

…I also got great news career-wise but I’ll reveal more only in time to come. Meanwhile, since I don’t have any picture that I can share for that, here’s a shot of Roger Furderer that I snapped this morning, looking all alarmed.

Dear reader, how was your week?


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