Weekly Wrap-up and June to-do.

The June holiday is finally upon us me! This week, I finished the second of my overnight school camps and spent some time with my form class at the beach. Since that was pretty much the whole week (and would have made for a really short post), I’ve decided to extend this to my June to-do as well.

Sure, I still have to head back to school for one more morning this coming week but that’s it. Although I was overly ambitious (and over-estimated the number of actual break days I have) when crafting my to-do, I’ve decided to power through with as many items as I can anyway, having reached that age when I’m all every-break-has-to-be-really-productive-and-yolo.

This June holiday, I plan to:

  • Exercise at least five times a week and pass my IPPT
  • Blog at least ten entries (not counting these wrap-ups)
  • Start studying Japanese after years of procrastinating
  • Finish Wrecking That Journal
  • Read at least eight books
  • Visit the Lee Kuan Yew exhibition at the National Museum
  • Visit the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
  • Clear up my clothes wardrobe
  • Clear up my books cupboard
  • Get a clothes rack and bag boxes for my room
  • Some school stuff that I will not go into here
  • Edit photos from recent school events before my Photoshop trial runs out
  • Edit my super overdue Taiwan trip photos before my Photoshop trial runs out
  • Get started on my non-blogging writing
  • Watch Jurassic World
  • Catch up on One Piece
  • Start on vocal training
  • Spend much time with family and friends

Wish me luck?

Dear reader, how was your week?


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