Midweek Munching Madness.

Determined to kick-start my June holiday in style (…subjectively), XW and I visited the newly-opened Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum at our alma mater on Wednesday, where we got to gaze at taxidermies for almost an hour (more on that in a later post).

While that portion was planned, what happened next wasn’t. Having finished off the museum in a shorter time than expected and wanting a filler before dinner, we headed to Holland Village looking for the Monocle Cafe.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be more of a Monocle shop that also sold coffee that had to be taken outdoors in the sweltering heat so we headed down the lane to try out Sunday Folks, a cafe I’ve heard loads about.

We shared a double waffle with roasted pistachio ice cream and had a drink each. The dessert made for such a delightful treat. The waffles (which cost slightly over S$10 if memory serves) were fresh and crisp while the roasted pistachio ice cream was rich (without being overwhelming) and had a strong nutty tinge to it. This was by far the best nom of the day (and that’s saying quite a bit considering how many noms were had).

We then proceeded to my original plan for dinner, finally trying out Nene Chicken at The Star Vista. Their menu seems to have changed since I last saw it, looking more pedestrian. I ordered the two-piece fried set, which came with these curly-fries tasting side as well as a pack of pickled radish cubes and a drink (upsized, it cost me $8.90).

The chicken was decently crispy but had no distinct taste at all, unlike its (I assume) biggest local competitor 4 Fingers, KFC or Popeyes. It also didn’t go particularly well with the provided dollop of honey mustard, which tasted overly sour and kinda cheap. It wasn’t a bad meal, just not one that I will particular remember in time to come or want to revisit.

Finally, we stumbled upon a Milkcow and, having heard about how it’s more legit than Honey Creme because it comes from Korea, and also because there was no queue at all, we each got a cup of their signature honeycomb soft serve.

I…cannot tell the difference between this and Honey Creme. Both taste equally milky and sweet to me. They’re not bad, definitely, but not really the worth the S$5.50. I’d much rather channel that to some Llao Llao which for a dollar more offers up a lot more variety in a Sanum.

Still, by the end of it, we were too very satisfied (and very bloated) diners.


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