Friday Feeding Frenzy.

After the midweek madness last week, I…repeated the entire process on Friday with another friend.

I started the afternoon off on my own with some Maki-San. The DIY maki should have been really tasty – I chose ingredients like tempura enoki, tempura soft shell crab and sauced it with Miso – but it was strangely bland. Healthy-tasting, though.

Then, Lynn arrived and we had our pre-museum snack, my second cup of Milkcow. The first one I tried just two days before – the soft serve with honeycomb – was intensely milky and not any more exciting than Honey Creme but this one was really good! The pistachio syrup was sweet without being too cloying while the cashews and almonds provided a very satisfying crunch to the whole thing. It does cost more, though, at $6.50.

Having finished our snack, we braved the slight drizzle and headed to the National Museum of Singapore, where we first walked the Lee Kuan Yew Memorial Exhibition, which was a lot shorter than I expected, before heading to the biggest exhibition there – the Singapura: 700 Years look back at our country’s history

It was really really fascinating, by far the best exhibition I’ve been to this past year. There was a lot of effort put into the whole thing, with plenty of decorations and props. The content, of course, was comprehensive and engaging, especially the section on our ancient history, which is not often talked about even in school.

We then finished off the afternoon with another munch-fest, this time at Baja Fresh. I was a bit disappointed with my bare burrito because the mahi mahi that I chose was insanely fishy and definitely not worth the extra $3 I had to fork out for it over the default (and probably much safer) chicken option. Still, they now give free churros with every meal so that’s awesome!


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