Weekly Wrap-up.

My last week of holidays was also the wildest in terms of swing of tempo. Having rested mostly at home and having taken it easy for the first half in preparation for my IPPT on Wednesday (which I passed for the first time in ages! And with my best 2.4km time in seven years too!), the remainder was an insane rush of work, friends, and family.

On Thursday, after a morning workshop in school, I met Marcus for lunch and some storage solution shopping at Ikea, carted it home, set it all up (and feeling very accomplished about my measly “carpentering”), and then headed out for dinner with the sec sch classmates, where we laughed the night away amidst mediocre grub.

Friday was a full-day school affair, being on CCA duty, but with the evening came dinner with XW and my Apple Watch!

Despite a lack of sleep from those two days, I woke up early on Saturday and journeyed all the way down to Thomson to meet the poly MCM-ers for a three hour trek on the Treetop Walk.

…which was followed by literally four hours of non-stop eating, laughing and even coming up with some top-secret exciting plans.

Having finished engorging ourselves, we then proceeded to walk another full hour to our dinner destination – Satay by the Bay, where we recommenced our nomming.

If anything, this week has been a wild (if also wildly tiring) end to a pretty action-packed holiday. Dear reader, how was your week?


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