The Great Divergen…ce.

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Pretty much all the blogging experts (bloperts?) say that a successful blog is one with focus. While this has been primarily a book blog for quite a while, it has also served as a repository for other aspects of my life – my other interests, rants, and personal events. As a result, it has felt pretty diluted and potentially alienating to my readers: the book lovers have been inundated with non-reading posts (set in a country that most aren’t even from) and those who read my personal posts (which, let’s face it, are just my friends) ended up getting subjected to a disproportionate amount of literary rambles.

Therefore, a split has been in the works for ages. I just could never overcome the inertia of separating and find a great opportunity to do so…until a huge sale on Singaporean domains came along. Hence, was born. For those of you who’ve been following my personal exploits (or haven’t but like overly-verbose posts on gadgetry, food, and travel), please head to that url for my new personal blog.

What does this mean for The Great Gabsby? It’s simple. From now on, this place (which, let’s face it, already is appropriately named) will be a 100% book blog, with all that the genre entails (reviews, previews, listicles etc.). Anything else will be on the other site. So, for those of you who’ve been Faithfully Following me for my illuminating insights views words on books, please continue to stay here!

Of course, if you liked both types of posts I did (all, like, five of you), feel free to subscribe to me here and on as well. Read on!

ps. Since this is now a full book blog, I’ve changed the categories to be aligned to one but haven’t had time to reorganise the older posts yet (non-book related posts will remain, just category-free). Will revisit those slowly!


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