[This post is done as part of GaBloWriMo, my own version of NaNoWriMo. Find out more here.]

I’ve seen the Midori Traveler’s Notebook featured on so many Instagram posts and always thought it was a standard notebook that came as is (like Moleskine’s offerings) and so I got a shock when I saw it going for S$90 at Kinokuniya. That’s almost three times the price of a Moleskine (which is already plenty pricey)!

After some research though, I found out that the Midori is actually more like a stylish, hipster Filofax. The initial amount pays for the leather cover and a book or two. I can then customise it (and replace used books) by getting refills in the future. You can add several books at once and there are several types, so it really makes for a highly tailored product.

Since the refills are easier on the wallet (~S$4 for one), they make sense in the long run compared to buying notebooks that come as is.

And so, I got one! I got the 2016 Weekly + Memo version. The S$90 price tag at Kino is still frightening though, but thankfully I came across one almost S$20 cheaper at Overjoyed.

I’m actually planning to do an unboxingpacking video (in fact, I’ve already filmed it. It just needs editing. LOTS of editing) but here’s a brief overview of what’s inside. The pack I got came in a fancy pouch wrapped in a fancy envelop-ish box (very Muji), and inside were the leather case and the two (again very Muji) 2016 diaries, each for half the year.

The format I chose is actually similar to my 2015 Moleskine planner’s and seems to be the most common one online. It has a space for each date on one side (which I’m going to fill with appointments and deadlines) and a grid page on the other. I’ve seen some use it for journalling but I’ll keep mine for to-dos.

I also got an unpictured extra grid-paged notebook to add in. Alas, I didn’t get the Midori elastic straps and had to resort to using a rubber band instead. (For more of what I’m talking about, watch the coming video!)

The Midori ecosystem is really very smart and amazing. On top of several types of notebooks (diaries, blank, lined, grids etc.), they also have a whole slew of accessories ranging from clips to page pockets to stickers. Very good marketing strategy.

I’m quite excited about using this next year.

Dear reader, what do you use for your journalling/planning? What are you planning to use next year?


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