[Top Ten Tuesday] Books to Movies.

[This post is done as part of GaBloWriMo, my own version of NaNoWriMo. Find out more here. It is also done as part of the Top Ten Tuesday meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.]

Generally, book-to-movie adaptations are just like movie-to-game ones – there will always be something to gripe about in the translation. Even generally-acclaimed ones like the Harry Potter series had some issues (I personally hated the choppy pacing of the Prisoner of Azkaban).

Still, it’s still awesome to see what you’ve read come to life, even if it doesn’t always follow what you have in your head. Because I cannot think of enough examples like to vary my range, I’ll be expanding this week’s TTT theme (“books to movie adaptations that I just cannot wait for) to include:

Actual upcoming movies that I cannot wait for:

mockingjay fantastic beasts Ready_Player_One_cover

  1. Mockingjay Part 2 (Suzanne Collins): I assume this is on every single list out there, and for good reason. This is the climatic end to a series that has lent itself very well to cinematics and who doesn’t want to see JLaw and JHutch one last time in their Panemagnificence?
  2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (J. K. Rowling): It’s J. K. Rowling Newt Scamander. And Harry Potter. With beasts (fantastic ones, at that). ‘Nuff said.
  3. Ready Player One (Ernest Cline): The real-life-gaming aspect of this book feels like it would translate awesomely to the big screen.

Actual movies that I need to watch:

bookthief lotr

  1. The Book Thief (Markus Zusak): This was easily one of my favourite books of the last few years and, while I normally don’t go for war films, I would definitely pay for this one if they stick to the source material closely (and well).
  2. The Lord of the Rings (J. R. R. Tolkien): Yes yes, I know. I’m the only person left in the world who hasn’t seen this. I couldn’t make it through the first 15 minutes of the first film (or the first half an hour of reading the book) but I’ll have to do this someday, if only to redeem some of my fantasy cred.

Books that need to be made into movies

animorphs pendragon sylo mistborn steelheart

  1. Animorphs series (K. A. Applegate): While I think the complexity and epic scale of this series would actually be served better by a TV show (with an actual budget and credible production values…not the deplorable attempt made years ago), I would definitely settle for a movie series condensing the more key moments of the series. I don’t think this will come to pass, seeing as how its heyday was during a time when the internet was barely even a thing, but one can always hope.
  2. Pendragon series (D. J. MacHale): A criminally underrated book series, Pendragon can definitely translate well to the large screen, with its fantastical worlds, diverse cast of characters and action-packed sequences.
  3. Sylo series (D. J. MacHale): I’m not usually into sci-fi thrillers but this trilogy was engaging from start to end and it would be a pity if it isn’t made into a movie block because the books are written so cinematically.
  4. Mistborn series (Brandon Sanderson): Brandon Sanderson’s offerings can fill up this entire list on their own (and almost did, but I only remembered them after I had generated most of this list until I decided not to be lazy) but this has to be one of his best. It fits cinema-goers’ interests too. Strong female lead? Check. Magic? Check. Strongly-built world and atmospheric excellence? Check. It’s a series of digesting metals for magic – what’s not to like?
  5. Steelheart series (Brandon Sanderson): Superhero movies are saturating the market right now but who’s to say that Marvel and DC have to hog all the fun? Again, BSand has created a cast that seems made for film, with fast-paced action scenes, cool powers, and enough intrigue to easily last three big entries (with the requisite two-part finale too).

Dear reader, what book-to-film adaptations are you looking forward to?


6 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] Books to Movies.

  1. Allyson says:

    I feel like the only person in the world who isn’t excited for the last Mockingjay movie. Too many things happen that i just don’t want to see! Also, I feel for you in not finishing LotR. I mean, I’m obsessed with the movies and books, but I have seen how vicious people can be towards fantasy fans who haven’t read them or seen the movies! It can get ugly.

    My TTT.

    • The Great Gabsby says:

      I know right! Between that and not watching/reading A Sword of Fire and Ice, I feel judged haha.

      I really do aim to get through the LOTR books and movies eventually though.

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