Paper haul galore!

[This post is done as part of GaBloWriMo, my own version of NaNoWriMo. Find out more here.]

Last Saturday, I embarked on a #solosaturdaystationerysearch, planning an entire route of shops (which were thankfully quite near each other) to visit, with an equally comprehensive shopping list.

It turned out pretty successful!

At the first (and arguably best) stop, Overjoyed, I got like 80% of my haul. Stacks of Rhodia paper for calligraphy (half of which was for a friend as a birthday gift), the Midori planner from two posts back, and two Zig Cocoiros to try on a friend’s recommendation.

I then stopped over at Straits Art and picked up the above nib holder, a much better upgrade from my previous one which didn’t feature the cork grip. I also picked up an identical holder and a pair of Nikko G nibs (apparently the best choice for beginners) for the afore-mentioned birthday girl.

Hopping by to Art Friend just opposite the road, I was quite disappointed because that was where I was hoping to fulfil the brush markers/pens part of my shopping list (having already completed the paper portion earlier at Overjoyed) but they didn’t have any of the brands I was looking for.

As an unplanned side trip (and because I was stuck at Bras Basah Complex due to the heavy rain), I visited the Popular flagship outlet and ended up with a whole bunch of other things on my list, including a stack of Kokuyo Campus papers (again apparently decent for calligraphy, not as great as but cheaper than Rhodia), fistfuls of Pilot G2 Ex for a friend crazed over that model and two books that were recommended reading for one of my modules.

Because I had already bought everything that I was supposed to have looked for at Kinokuniya (probably at lower prices than I would have there, too), I gave it a miss, going straight to Daiso at Ion Orchard and getting the above Sumi Ink.

I then ended the fruitful day on a non-stationery trip to Qisahn games nearby and grabbing two copies of the newly-released Yokai Watch for myself and another friend.

By the time I reached home, my hands were actually aching from lugging all that paper and my heart even more so from the painful expenditure. Still, who knew shopping for pens and papers could be so exciting!


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