[Top Ten Tuesday] Books that I wouldn’t mind Santa leaving under my Christmas tree.

To be honest, I haven’t done a gift exchange in years, and haven’t gotten a book as a gift in even longer. As a working adult, I have my own (meager) disposable income that I can pour into books if I so wish, too.

Still, I’d never say no to more (hypothetical) books so here’re my top ten title that I wouldn’t mind seeing Santa leave under my Christmas tree this year, keeping in mind that these are physical books and therefore must be better than their e-book counterparts in some way.

Individual books


1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone illustrated edition

One of the ways that physical books rule over e-books is when it comes to illustrated copies and I’ve heard so much about the fantastic artwork in this edition. If anything, it would make for a great coffee table mainstay. Plus, this is the only book in the series that I do not have in physical copy anymore because I lent mine, years ago, to a friend that I no longer keep in contact with.


2. Tabloid Tokyo 

The Land of the Rising Sun has always fascinated me, especially when it comes to the bawdry and extreme elements of their society. This little tome, by sheer dint of its graphical nature, needs to be gotten in physical copy and would, like the above, make for a great coffee table addition, even if it means I can’t actually have any actual coffee for lack of space.


3. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

Yes, I’ve already read this one (and listened to it). Still, I like to collect physical copies of my favourite titles, if just to force on lend to my friends, and this is by far the best book I’ve read in the last few years.


4. Outlander by Diana Galbandon

I’ve heard a fair bit about this series and have been wanting to give it a go. As a high fantasy tome, though, the plot will probably come with a confusing web of character with unpronounceable names and even less fathomable relationships with each other, locations that I will never be able to remember, and laundry lists of items that I will need to keep track of. For these, physical copies usually would be more useful since they would have glossaries and maps for quick reference.


5. Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld  

I was only mildly enthused by the Uglies series (gripping as the concept sounded) but I quite liked the entries in the Leviathan series that I’ve read so Westerfeld’s still on my to-read list and this title tops it with an intriguing premise. When reading about stories within stories, of course, it would be more appropriate to read the physical versions, even if they are roughly the size and weight of a tombstone.

Series (box set?)


6. The Animorphs series

I might be a bit ambitious with my Santa-requesting for this but the books are relatively short and cheap so this shouldn’t be too much of a burden on jolly ol’ St Nick. Animorphs was by far my favourite series growing up and it would be awesome to be able to revisit the story. Plus, those covers are iconic.


7. The Blending series

As with some of the other entries above, the Blending series is one of those collections of books that I’ve repeatedly visited and would love to do so with actual physical copies, if only for keepsake.


8. The Lord of the Rings series

Yes, yes, I’ve never successfully completed this. Like with Outlander, this would be great in physical copy due to all the extra added goodies that will allow me to parse what is going on more coherently.


9. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series

By far the biggest item on this list (I don’t even know if any publisher has been insane enough to try to come out with a full box set of this) but no one can replace Pratchett’s genius blend of comedy and fantasy and if there is anything I must collect, it would be his works.


10. The Children of Amarid series 

This series has been the hardest to locate, out of print and stock even on the big online shops (and without any e version in sight). I remember loving this story (and being inspired by it for my own works) and would love to revisit it but I’ve only managed to get my hands on the first book and I’m not reading that if there isn’t any way that I can obtain the next two.

Dear reader, what are the ten titles you would like to see under your Christmas tree?


4 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] Books that I wouldn’t mind Santa leaving under my Christmas tree.

  1. tinamedrano says:

    I also want the illustrated version of Harry Potter. I’ve seen it in stores and I just need a physical copy of it. I’d also love to own the Lord of the Rings, I’ve actually never tried to read them before but I will someday.

    Happy Holidays!


    • The Great Gabsby says:

      You NEED to read Let’s Pretend…if you are even the smallest fan of her blog. It’s really funny. Wonderful Christmas and much bookish merriment to you too!

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