[Currently Reading] The Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce.


[…] the Song of the Lioness quartet is the adventurous story of one girl’s journey to overcome the obstacles facing her, become a valiant knight, and save Tortall from conquest. Alanna douses her female identity to begin her training in Alanna: The First Adventure, and when she gains squire status in In the Hand of the Goddess, her growing abilities make her a few friends — and many enemies. Books 3 and 4 complete Alanna’s adventure and secure her legend, with the new knight errant taking on desert tribesmen in The Woman Who Rides like a Man and seeking out the powerful Dominion Jewel in Lioness Rampant.


In previous posts, I mentioned how Tamora Pierce’s Wild Magic wasn’t perfect but was good enough to land on my best reads of 2015, that I would have to visit the earlier quartet before resuming the Immortals series, and that I had miraculously procured the entire first quartet, all in great condition, at the library. I almost mentioned how one of my resolutions of the year is to finish off all of her works

…and that’s what I seem to be doing now.

The thing is, her books are short and written so breezily that I’m flying through them at a speed that seems quite impossible for a book snail like me. Perhaps it’s because I’m about twice the age of her actual target readers.

Still, I’m blowing so fast through the series that doing a Currently Reading for each of the books will just mean an entire week of such posts so I’m just doing it all here at once.

So far, it’s been an enjoyable ride (heh.). The books are simply written and the characters are all still a bit too nice but the story is so engaging and the plot progressed so smoothly that I’m actually foregoing internet time for the book. Here’s hoping it gets even better!

Dear reader, have you read the Song of the Lioness quartet or any of Pierce’s other works? What did you think?



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